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Two years ago I underwent a crippling back surgery which left me depressed, anxiety filled  and in severe constant pain. I also suffered from OCD that became worse with the anxiety. My life became a downward spiral. Prescribed medications did not work and had off putting side effects. I decided to take a chance and go to Microgrown. It has been a life changer. Deb and Matt worked with me and came up with the perfect product and regiment for me. I am now able to control my OCD/anxiety. My pain level has decreased immensely and my outlook on life is now a positive one. I just cannot thank them enough.



The products in a store helped me tremendously!  It has lessened my back pain, helps me to relax enough to fall asleep and calms me down if I’m feeling anxious. I no longer take any prescription medicines. There’s no better and safer option for me to live a comfortable and pain-free life. My quality of life has totally changed for the better.  


Microgrown has been one of the best things to happen to Delaware County. The Microgrown Market is the full embodiment of outstanding products and outstanding customer service. The first time I ever stopped in the store, I was greeted by Debbie who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Like most people, I was skeptical at first questioning whether the products would work as advertised. I can confidently say that the products are better than advertised, and are at extremely fair prices. 


I have tried a wide variety of the Microgrown products ranging from the Dog Walkers , Delta 8 Pens, chocolate edibles, gummy candy edibles, THC-A products, CBD drops for my dog, and many more. I cannot stress enough how outstanding all these products are. For example, I can't take my dog to get groomed without giving her Matt's CBD drops to ease my puppies nerves before getting her nails clipped. 


Matt is one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever met when it comes to cannabis/hemp. He knows all the science that goes into producing all of these products, and does an amazing job creating them. I will never be able to try any other products that aren't his because his consistently over deliver. If you are ever driving through the Upper Chichester area, I highly recommend you stopping in Microgrown. 



I have a job that I am on my feet all day. I began getting a lot of pain in my feet and started looking for a new job where I can sit most of the time. I discovered Microgrown Farm and the items they sell. I bought the CBD/

cbs cream. It has make a huge difference. I apply the cream to my feet before work and now have no problem doing my job. I am no longer looking for a job where I can sit. Thank you Microgrown Farm!



Incorporating MGF products into my routine has truly made a positive impact on my overall well-being, helping to reduce my anxiety and improve my quality of sleep. The staff at MGF are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive in helping me find the right products for my needs, and I'm so grateful to have discovered this natural solution for better health.


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