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Sleep Help

Sleep is a crucial part of our lives, yet sleep deprivation is extremely common. We are constantly amazed at the number of folks coming into the store and saying :”HELP, I CAN’T SLEEP!” About two-thirds of adults experience occasional or even chronic trouble sleeping.  Many people are looking for a more natural product to help them and are finding that CBN (Cannabinol) may help with this problem.  

What is cannabinol or CBN. CBN is known a degradative cannabinoid as it is not made by the live plant. CBN is formed from THC in the dry, harvested flower. As the harvested flowers age and are subject to oxygen, possibly light, temperature changes and certainly time the THC molecule changes its molecular structure in CBN or cannabinol. As a result of this “molecular morphing” the once psychoactive THC molecule now becomes sedating. 

CBN has a very low binding affinity to the CB1 receptor, which is the receptor that THC binds quite well to. This is likely why CBN is not psychoactive. CBN does bind to the CB2 receptor which is associated with the immune system.

CBN is non-habit forming and generally dosage does not need to be increased to maintain efficacy.

Microgrown Market is notably different, on purpose, than any cannabis store a consumer might encounter for a number of reasons. One reason is we are closely connected to the industry, resulting in product offerings with the very latest technology. The latest example is CBN-O or CBN acetate. Acetylation is simply a chemical reaction in which a small molecule called an an acetyl group is added to other molecules.

When a substance is acetylated, the substance becomes stronger. This process has been used for decades in our food and medicine. Our own bodies acetylation in the detoxification process.

Leading cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo suggests that the powerful sedative effects of CBN may only provide sleep-supporting qualities when combined with THC and CBD. This is known as the “entourage effect”, a term coined by Russo.

We keep the entourage effect in mind, we combine H4/CBD (acetylated CBD), full-spectrum CBG with CBN or CBN-O to create our TRIPLE THREAT sleep help tinctures. The TRIPLE THREAT EX contains H4/CBD, full-spectrum CBG and CBN-O, while our TRIPLE THREAT ULTRA adds a touch of Delta 8 and 9 to add that extra little umph.

We also offer BRAIN FREEZE gummies in two formulas,CLASSIC and ULTRA. The CLASSIC has the mildly psychoactive Delta 8 where as the ULTRA contains the more potent Delta 9. Both formulas contain the stronger CBN-O.

You should take your CBN oil about an hour before your target bedtime, to let the effects of CBN and the other cannabinoids, take their effects in your system. 

Sometimes, sleep problems arise due to a sleep disorder or another health condition. If you are having trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor. They can assess your symptoms, order any needed tests, and determine the appropriate treatment if needed.

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