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This product is made by MICRGROWN FARM, LLC  for our retail store MICROGROWN MARKET in Upper Chichester Pa. This TRIPLE THREAT PAIN RELIEF BUTTER is called the TRIPLE THREAT because we combine 3 powerful full-spectrum cannabinoids...CBD..CBG...&...THC for a topical product that actually works. We combine a high potency portion of CBD, CBG & THC , all of which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, with a luxurious base of mango and coconut butter. We then add additional ingredients like lanolin, sunflower lecithin & jojoba oil, whip it at room temperature and package it immediately.


No product works 100% of the time for 100% of people, however we have witnessed first hand that this product stops pain almost immediately for MOST people. We are actually amazed by our own product over and over again. 


One customer reported that she had stopped a migraine by rubbing our butter into her temple area within a minute or so. Even we didn't know it had that potential for someone.....For everyone ?? Probably not, but it does in fact stop pain in predicted and unpredicted ways for many more people than it doesn't.


We try to offer small, low priced quantities of many of our handmade products and this TRIPLE THREAT PAIN RELIEF BUTTER  is no exception as we offer a 1/3 ounce squeeze tube for $20 which allows the user to try the product at a reasonable price.


This TRIPLE THREAT PAIN RELIEF BUTTER is a flagship product at Microgrown Market. This butter product is basically the same as all our topical offerings in that they all contain the TRIPLE THREAT 3 cannanbinoid blend. Our TRIPLE THREAT PAIN RELIEF BUTTER is thicker and tends to cling to skin due to the higher beeswax content than the lotion. There is a very high percentage of 3 different, active cannabinoids like CBD at 1000mg per ounce and CBG and THC at 250mg and 125mg, respectively, per ounce. We have a "better-than-dispensary" product here in the TRIPLE THREAT PAIN RELIEF BUTTER. It is one of our top selling and repurchased products. Very frankly, this oil works incrediably well on reasonable, chronic pain. However, if you are hit by a bus or you survive a parachuting accident, it does not work well on that deep of pain. Available in: 1/3 oz., 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., & 6 oz. Stronger than what is found at a medical marijuana dispensary. Lightly Scented.


  • 5 sizes    1/3oz. / 1 oz. /  2 oz. / 4 oz.  /  6 oz.
  • 3 Full-Spectrum powerful cannabinoids with the THC extract driving the magic
  • Virtully impossible to find without a medical card - NOT needed with MICROGROWN
  • Every ingredient is natural, simple understood ingredients 
  • ALL Our Triple Threat topicals contain the same proven effective 3 cannabinoid formula. The difference is in their consistency. Choose from a liquidy lotion to a hard balm. 
  • Stronger Than A Dispensary Or Department Store Product
  • Lightly Scented


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