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Our Triple Threat EX(tra) is a strong effective formula design to help folks with sleep issues.  One thing that sets our product apart is that we hand make this product in house from raw, US lab sourced cannabinoids. However, what really makes this product special is our use of CBN-O or CBN acetate. CBN, or cannabinol is a molecule that is formed when the Delta 9 molecule degrades over time. In it's CBN form it is no longer psychoactive, but it is sedative. When CBN under goes the acetylation process it becomes stronger and is now called CBN acetate or just CBN-O. We use CBN-O in both our Triple Threat EX and ULTRA product.


As if that were not enough, we also use a stronger type of CBD called H4/CBD which increases it's effectiveness even further. OurCBG is a full spectrum product, meqning it has trace amounts of other minor cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC...however THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT PRODUCE ANY HIGH !  Researcher believe the more types of cannabinoids in a product the better as to more closely mimic the whole cannabis plant. This theory is called the "entourage effect".


The TRIPLE THREAT EX  are drops placed under the tongue and held there as long as possible....two minutes or so.....about 30 minutes before bedtime.


Available in 15ml, 30ml & 60ml sizes

Our flavor is usually Citrus Blend, a blend of orange, lemon & lime oil with a drop of ethyl alcohol for sweetness.




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