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HEELLLOOOO!!!!!!  These gummies are now the strongest gummy we offer! Our THCp 1 mg gummy is now our second strongest, still very strong, BUT the TKO gummies amps it up by adding 1mg of the very, very potent HHCP. Please know there is a notable strength difference between HHC and the more potent HHCP which these gummies contain. These gummies are rounded out by the addition of 1mg of a strong version of CBD called CBDP, which can add a modulating effect to the 2 highly psychoactive cannabinoids in these gummies. These gummies are strong enough to be cut in half,  in effect doubling the quantity you buy.

  • Offered in 6, 15 & 30 count jars 
  • Sour PEACH Flavor / Very Tasty
  • 1 mg THCp
  • 1mg HHCp
  • 1mg CBDp


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