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The CLOAK is a stealthy vape batterty device that allows the user to discreetly vape. The CLOAK is a battery that holds a 1/2 or 1 gram vape cartridge with a 510 thread (which is 95% of the carts sold) inside itself. Side open the non-descript CLOAK , screw in your cartridge and slide on the cover. The CLOAK is inhale-activated meaning you just draw on your CLOAK , no button to push, just draw for a real nice cloud. 


NOTE: Some carts on the market are physically too big in diameter to screw into the CLOAK . See us at the store and we will be sure you leave with a working CLOAK .


  • Stealthy, discreet, reliable
  • 650 mAh battery
  • Protects cartridge from being damaged
  • Measures 3.2" high x 1.3" wide x .71" thick
  • Charging cord included



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