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      These  THCp 1 1/3 GRAM PRE-ROLLS  are made by MICROGROWN FARM by hand one at a time. We infuse high quality CBD hemp flower with our American-made cGMP lab sourced distillate, grind the flower and fill these cones by hand.


       THCp & CBDp was discovered by Italian scientists in 2019-2020. THCp or Tetrahydrocannabiphoral is the strongest known cannabinoid on the planet. The structure of the THCp molecule fits into the CB1 receptor tighter, stronger .... the key fits the lock more precisely than other cannabionoids.  The result is a longer and stronger effect.  BUT BE AWARE .....THCp that is formulated from hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is significantly stronger than THCp made from hemp-derived Delta 8. Of course we only use  Delta 9 derived THCp.


  • They are labeled as 1 1/3 gram but they are ususlly 1 1/2 grams or more.
  • Extremely Psychoactive
  • Microgrown Farm handmade

THCp 1 1/3 Gram PRE-ROLLS

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