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This PAIN RELIEF LOTION is  Microgrown Farm made and a flagship product at Microgrown Market. The product was first made to fulfill a customer request for a lotion that was as good or better than his medical marijuana dispensary product. So we raised the full-spectrum CBD content by 10x and the THC content by 2x and produced a "better-than-dispenary" PAIN RELIEF LOTION. The requesting customer loves the product and has repurchased the PAIN RELIEF LOTION many times. It is one of our top selling and repurchased products. 


We know it works, however we still offer a small 10 gram tube for those wanting to test its effectiveness themselves without spending a lot of money just to try it.  Other than our 10gram tube all other sizes are packaged in airless bottles. Airless bottles dispense the product beautifully and keep the contents of the bottle completely sealed from the atmosphere, eliminating any possibility of bacteria contacting the lotion. These airless conatiners also have an inner wiper disc that wipes the entire contents clean from the bottle. Also a  30ml airless jar is available requiring only one hand to dispense the lotion.


  • Microgrown Farm made
  • Very Effective
  • Available in:  10ml (.17oz.)$20.00,  30ml (1oz.) $50.00,  50ml (1.7oz.)$70.00,  & 100ml (3.4ozs.)$120.00
  • 30ml Airless Jar is also available ($50.00)
  • Stronger than what is found at a medical marijuana dispensary
  • Lightly Scented






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