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The KITHCEN SINK Chocolate Sqaure contains a  complex of 5 different cannabinoids in a 1 3/4" Chocolate Square. We call it the KITCHEN SINK because it contains so many different cannabinoids it has "everything but the kitchen sink"..... These chocolate squares are Cookies & Cream flavored.

Each square contains:

20mg CBD   

30mg Delta 9 

5mg CBG

5mg CBN

2.5mg CBC


This blend combines to produce a highly relaxed state. It could be used for pain, insomnia and anxiety. With this Chocolate Square containing 30mg of Delta 9, it has the potential to produce a strong high. Consider only eating half of one square if you are new to cannabis. Do not be in any hurry to swallow it down.... it will enter the bloodstream quicker and stronger held under the tongue. Putting its effects aside all 5 cannabinoids are healthy to consume for reasons we understand and more yet to be discovered.

KITCHEN SINK-Chocolate Square


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