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These Microgrown Farm made K9 CALMING DROPS can be used prior to a stressful car ride, fireworks, before and during a thunderstorm, prior to bathing or grooming .... any high action, stress inducing event. 


The magic in our K9 CALMING DROPS lies in the inclusion of CBN or cannabinol into our  K9 CALMING DROPS formula.  While CBD can certainly have a calming effect on a scarced or unruly dog, the addtion of CBN adds a sedating effect to the product.  CBN is a naturally occurring cannabinoid but it is not actually made by the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant does produce Delta 9 THC, the psychoactive, regulated, medical marijauna cannabinoid. However, when the harvested, dried cannabis plant is subjected to time, temperate swings and light, the Delta 9 molecule changes into a new molecule called cannabinol or CBN. That new molecule, CBN, is no longer psychoactive but is now sedative. The synergistic action of CBD and CBN, dosed at the correct 3:1 ratio is now very effective at calming your pouch...and you. 


Beware of drops that say "hemp oil". Those drops contain no CBD , let alone CBN. They contain oil pressed from the hemp seed which is nutritrious, but in no way medicinal and will not cause an immediate effect.


  • Microgrown Farm made
  • Available in 3 sizes: 8 gram squeeze bottle (250mg CBD - 75mg CBN), 15ml (0.5oz.) (500mg CBD - 250mg CBN) & 30ml (1oz.) (1000mg CBD - 500mg CBN)
  • Quicker, stronger onset than a CBD treat - as quick as 15-30 minutes
  • Add directly into the dogs mouth and under the tongue if possible or apply the oil to a small amount of wet food.


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