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We offer the ROK electronic dab rig from a trusted name...Pulsar.  This device is a high quality, mid level electronic device allowing the user to injests cannabis concentrates and flower. The ROK is a robust, powerful unit. Its a bit heavy and nice and stable on a table top but not big and cumbersome. The ROK is simple and easy to use. The button can be used in a constant mode or held in and used as a "fire" button.


Once the device is warmed up (approx. 30 seconds) the user places a "dab" of cannabis concentrate on the atomizer using a short metal or glass rod called a dab tool, which immediately vaporizes the concentrate allowing the user to inhale it.


A few different finishes may be, glow -in-the-dark and iridescent rainbow depending on stock.

We do stock replacement atomizers for this unit.


PROS to using concentrates-

  • Instant onset of high cannabinoid percentage concentrate.
  • No injestion of unnecessary or potentially harmful plant material. Only a very small percentage to no percentage of plant material is ingested depending on the concentrate. No harsh smoke.
  • A whole new world of intense flavors and varierties of concentrates opens up for the user to enjoy. Wax, butter, badder, rosin, diamonds, crumble, live resin, terp sauce and more....each one unique.
  • Change of pace from smoking flower.
  • Comes with an atomizer for dry flower use
  • Vapor cooling water percolator
  • Heavy weight, well made


CONS - to using concentrates

  • Can potentially be too intense for the novice or the occasional user
  • can take a minute or two to prepare and heat your rig and prepare a dab.
  • Portability...we do offer portable, fairly convienient dab device options, however the best concentrate dabbing experience is found using a more robust, dedicated device like this one.
  • The high terpene content of concentrates can cause coughing if over inhaled.
  • Maintenance - Regular cleaning and water changes are necessary to maintain flavor. The atomizer should be swabbed with an alcohol dampened Q-tip every so many dabs.....
  • Cost - Some sort of device ranging in cost from $20 to $500 is necessary to injest concentrates.
  • More suited for concentrates than dry flower.


Neutral - reason to use concentrates

Value - While a gram of good concentrate may appear costly initially, with just a shread of restraint and thoughtful portion control a gram of concentrate can last quite a while. Over loading your atomizer is just wasteful and requires more frequent cleaning. The high cannabinoid percentage can often require less overall cannabis usage, saving money in the long run.


See current concentrate offering in this section.


Concentrates are effective, tasty and plain old good fun ..... but require a bit of effort.



Electronic Dab Rig- ROK from Pulsar


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