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Our Dynamic Duo has been reformulated with a stronger CBD molecule, H4/CBD.  H4/CBD is "hydrogenated" CBD , meaning a single hydrogen molecule is added to field grown CBD by a cGMP lab. This additional single hydrogen atom amps the potency of the CBD by 25 to 50 times, depending on your source. H4/CBD has been dubbed "CBD you can feel".


By using H4/CBD and CBG (cannabigerol) together, 1:1,  our handmade tinctures offer a high power, natural product. Folks are using our DYNAMIC DUO for things like anxiety, aches & pains, arthiritis help, bowel issues among other ailments.  Our DYNAMIC DUO treats the system, not symptom. It can return your body back to "homeostasis" or balance.  Prescription drugs, environment, illness can throw your body out of balance. CBD has been shown to restore that balance and in so doing anxiety and pain are lessened or ended.


Though it has been said H4/CBD is CBD you can feel, it is in no way psychoactive and will NOT create a high. You MAY just simply feel....happy.


CBG (cannabigerol), is called the mother cannabinoid because within the plant CBD, THC & other cannabinoids are synthesized from CBG as the plant matures. CBD and CBG together offer greater benefits than CBD alone. CBG has similiar anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety and anti-cancer properties that CBD has. When the two cannabinoids come together they are more effective as a team. Our Dynamic Duo is a product made in small batches by us, Microgrown Farm. We formulate, manufacture, bottle, label and sell this produce at our store in Upper Chichester, Pa. The raw CBD & CBG extracts used in the Dynamic Duo are American made from a trusted cGMP lab in Colorado.


  • Available in 3 sizes: 15ml (0.5oz - $45.00), 30ml (1oz -$75.00.) & 60ml (2ozs - $130.00)
  • 3 Strengths. 1000mg, 2000mg & 4000mg
  • Mixed Berry , Lemon
  • Microgrown Farm Made

Dynamic Duo-CBD/CBG +

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