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SUPER UNIQUE... The CIGAR VAPE POD SYSTEM. by iKrusher!!  This is a one of a kind pod system that looks just like a cigar. It accepts 1 gram pods which magnetically connect to the CIGAR BATTERY . When that connection is made the user will receive haptic feedback confirming the connection is solid. The user simply draws on the battery to operate it.  When drawn on, the end of the  CIGAR BATTERY will glow, simulating a glowing ember. The "glowing ember" also doubles a door to protect the charging port. Simply twist it to reveal the charging port. 


The battery is long lasting at 650 mAh. It takes 1 1/2 hours to fully recharge the battery from 0 voltage. A charging cord is included. The pods are considered disposable, but they can be refilled a time or two.


  • Nothing Like It !!
  • High Quality System Backed By iKrusher - A US support team is available
  • Long Lasting 650 mAh Battery
  • Pods capacity is 1 GRAM -- PODS SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Many Tasty Flavors Available...Lemon Poundcake, Froot Loops, Many More...!
  • Pods Cost  From $60 to $75



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    YES! We ship our product!

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    call or text: (610) 405-8138

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