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      Have you have ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because your mind runs and runs, usually about nothing? Tired of over-the-counter sleep remedies or prescription drugs? Then MICROGROWN MARKET'S BRAIN FREEZE gummies are your ticket to future nights of restful bliss! 

    Our BRAIN FREEZE gummies are a 1:1 blend of the moderately psychoactive Delta 8 and the sedating CBN cannabinoid. CBN or cannabinol is a molecule resulting from the degradation of the Delta 9 molecule. Delta 9 is the active chemical in cannabis and most prevalent in medical and street marijauna. When cannabis is subjected to time, light and heat, Delta 9 changes into CBN which is now sedating but not psychoactive.

      Our BRAIN FREEZE gummies are made from simple, natural ingredients. They are non-habit forming and can be abruptly stopped with zero side effects. They are tolerance resistence, so you dont have to take more and more to achieve the same effect.

         As with all our gummies, let them dissolve in your mouth as opposed to chewing and swallowing for quicker and greater absorption.


  • Available in 6, 15 & 30 count jars
  • Tropical, fruity flavor
  • Usually a one gummy dose, dissolved in the mouth, 1/2 hour before bed will promote, seriouly promote sleep.
  • Some adjustment of your personal dosage may be necessary the first few nights 


Brain Freeze

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