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Introducing the SOLOPIPE.....a  super cool and convenient pipe with an integrated lighter. No need to carry a pipe and a lighter separately anymore with the SOLOPIPE sold at Microgrown Market


This pipe has an integrated lighter.....simply fill your bowl and squeeze the side and a flame will pop out and light your flower as you draw on the mouthpipe. The flame is highly adjustable with a simple eye glass screwdriver, allowing the user to locate the flame in their ideal spot on the flower filled bowl.


The SOLOPIPE has a shutter over the bowl allowing the user to quickly and neatly store unsmoked flower remaining in the bowl....close the shutter with your thumb and store it away.


The SOLOPIPE has a traditional pre-formed screen at the bottom of the bowl, however an optional glass bowl insert is provided, with the concept that the glass insert provides a more even heat. It does allow the user to tap out the glass bowl insert, fill it and place it back into the bowl on top of the screen. This protects and extends the life of the screen and extends  the cleaning cycle. A spare screen, cleaning tool & brush and a storage bag are included with the SOLOPIPE.


Spare screens and glass bowl inserts are available. 

Four colors are available...Silver, Gold, Rose Gold  &  Gun Metal


Any in store purchase of a SOLOPIPE will included the first tank of butane and bowl of flower..........because we know you don't want to wait to go .....SOLO.....PIPE.



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