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Our 96%THCa Diamonds are hands down the most potent hemp derived cannabis product to ever hit the market. Please use with caution, a little goes a long way!


Its all about the terps!!  This concentrate has incredible flavor because it sits in a sauce of terpenes. Terpenes are molecules like limonene, myrcene and linalool. They are responsible for the smell and taste. 


THCa "DIAMONDS" are made by extracting the oil from the plant. Once extracted, the oily, terpene rich sauce is set aside to "cure". As it sits, the THCa molecules will fall out of solution and crystalize, forming pure little THCa crystals or whats called "DIAMONDS" in the industry. The diamonds themselves have no flavor at all, but the sauce they sit in is a pure, delicious terpene sauce. Terpenes are said to have theraputic benefits themselves.


This is a "dabbing" product, requiring some device in order to vaporize them. When the diamonds are vaporized the THCa converts in THC and becomes very psychoactive. We stock these devices and they can be seen on this site.


THCa Diamonds Numbers at a glance:
Delta 9 THC – ND  It is the absence of Delta 9 THC that makes this product legal.
THCa – 96.6%


This concentrate was made with fresh THCa hemp flower and has zero additives, it was made using a hydrocarbon extraction method.


Sold in 1 gram glass jars


THCa DIAMONDS in Terpene Sauce


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