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Yes they are.....REAL Cannabis Seeds....100% legal in 50 states in ungerminated form.

IF they were to be germinated, they would produce a very high quality, high Delta 9 THC plant along with numerous other minor cannabinoids.


Premium genetics is the #1 factor when cultivating cannabis...poor quality seeds produce poor quality plants. Genetics are the only parameters that the grower can not control. The best lighting, growing environment, nutrients & growing techniques will never produce a fine product without first having seed with the best DNA coding packed inside......or genetics (beginnings)


ELEV 8 Premium Cannabis Seeds have such genetics. Seeds that are bred from obtaining the best cuts in the industry through personal relationships. For example, ELEV 8's Gorilla Glue comes from the original and high prized Josie Wales cut.

Cheap seeds seeds.


These are all FEMINIZED seeds ...meaning they will only produce a female plant. The female plant produces the flower. The male plant only produces pollen and will fertilize the female, causing her flowers to produce seed...which most people do not want.


Remember "sinsemilla"? Spanish for without seed....meaning all males were removed from the growing environment, hence NO seed, hence NO waste and hassle.




We stock 8 different strains including:

  • Gorilla Glue
  • Dark Crystal
  • Gelato #33
  • Gelatamo
  • Runtz
  • Snoops Punch
  • Sundae Punch
  • Alien Otto (autoflower)

REAL Cannabis Seeds by ELEV 8 Genetics 6 SEEDS


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