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       Don't let the good looks of this product decieve you.....our TRIPLE THREAT MAGIC MASSAGE OIL  packs a serious punch against aches and pains. This is accomplished by blending 3 strong cannabinoids into one product for a three front assalt on pain. This 3 cannabinoid mixture is stronger than the sum total of each single cannabinoid. In other words, 1+1+1=4. We blend CBD, CBG & THC in high concentrations with well-known, natural carrier oils for a skin penetrating oil that binds with receptors within the skin to stop nagging pain.

        Very frankly, this oil works incrediably well on reasonable, chronic pain. However, if you are hit by a bus or you hit the ground and survived because your parachute didn't open, it does not work well on that deep of pain. 

       We are actually amazed at the amount of people that tell us how well it works and how long it keeps on working. It very much has the potential to keep you pain free for hours after your massage is done.



  • Microgrown Farm made product
  • Avaiable in a 2 oz, 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles
  • Part of our Triple Threat line which contains 3 strong cannabinoids...CBD, CBG & THC
  • Kills pain while soothing and moisturizing the skin



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