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This product is fresh frozen Wedding Cake BHO extraction with added terpenes for a flavor boost.

In simple terms, THCa/THC  concentrates are all basically the same in that the main active chemical is THCa/THC. The differences lie in the extraction process and possible manipulation post extraction.


ROSIN -  is a solventless product created by using ice cold water and agitation to remove the trichomes which contain the THCa,THC,CBDa,CBGa,CBD,CBG  etc. The remaining fiberous material is discarded. The trichomes are then dried and placed in a heated hydraulic press which squeezes out the coveted oil. Prior to that pressing the trichomes are filtered through a series high micron screens. The trichomes that filter through the finest micron screen are the most desired...for their purity in potency and taste. Rosin will generally look creamy, light beige to brown....thick and dense....with an earthy smell. Because rosin is solventless, the public perception is that rosin is the cleanest, most natural concentrate available.


RESIN - is a hydrocarbon extraction that utilizes iso-butane, n-butane and propane or a blend of the three.   Live Resin is really about terpene preservation. In very general terms, resins are more transulant and golden in color. They lack that weedy, earthy smell and can be sweeter tasting. It can be bit "soupy" sometimes. So what's the "live" part mean??


Below is the process by which "LIVE RESIN" is made by one of our sources

  • Flash-Freezing: After harvesting, the live hemp plant material is flash frozen within 60 minutes of harvest using an IQF conveyor which sprays nitrogen to instantly freeze the plant to maximize its freshness and preserve the volatile terpenes. Flash-freezing prevents the degradation of terpenes that can occur as the plant begins to dry and cure.
  • Extraction: The fresh frozen live plant material is then used for the extraction process. Our extraction method for live resin involves using hydrocarbons with iso-butane as the solvent. The iso-butane effectively strips the cannabinoids and terpenes from the fresh frozen live plant material giving us BHO (Butane Hash Oil).
  • Closed-Loop System: A closed-loop extraction system is used, which consists of a series of interconnected chambers. The first chamber contains the fresh frozen live hemp-derived material, and the solvent is introduced, allowing it to pass over the plant material and dissolve the desired compounds.
  • Purging: At this step we use proprietary separation method that allows us to separate the residual solvents from the BHO (Butane Hash Oil) leaving us with our premium live resin concentrate


     The public perception, at least on the west coast is that resin is less healthy than rosin. However, as we have looked into the issue ourselves and we find that a vetted, American made, lab produced and tested live resins contains exponentially low percentages of hydrocarbon.  A COA or Certificate of Analysis would document what percentage, if any, of hydrocarbon content might be in a resin product. We would be happy to reveal our source for our resin upon request. One analogy I ran across said "there is less butane in 1 gram of resin than you would inhale by lighting a single pre-roll with a butane lighter."


We will sometimes enhance the taste and smell of our live resin with natural botanical or hemp derived terpenes. Lemon and strawberry are recent examples. 

1/2 gram and 1 gram sizes available



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