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H4/CBD distillate is the very latest in CBD medicine !!! H4/CBD is reported to be over 50 times stronger than standard, field grown CBD extract. Yes, some reports say 100x stronger! H4/CBD is being called "CBD YOU CAN FEEL." This is because the field grown CBD has been hydrogenated. This process is nothing new and is commonly used is food and medicine to increase their effectiveness. In fact, CBD was first hydrogenated in 1940....and we are just NOW getting to enjoy its benefits..... 82 years later !!!!!!!!


Scientists and lab technicians can add a single hydrogen atom to the cannabidiol (CBD) molecule in a specfic spot on the molecule. When CBD is hydrogenated it can now loosely bind to the CB1 receptor, the same receptor THC binds to. The result is the potential for greater relaxation, even further reduced anxiety and pain, and an increase in effectiveness for the myriad of ailments CBD can treat.


As a cannabinoid merchant, we need to be mindful to not make medical claims that the FDA has not approved.....HOWEVER, though with some variation from person to person..... CBD,CBG,THC and all cannaboniods have vast and ever increasing anecdotal and clinical evidence of their effectiveness treating countless ailments. Cannabinoids have the potential to treat so many maladies because they treat the system, not the symptom. They return the system, nervous, gastrointestinal, circulatory and mental processes as examples, to homeostasis .....meaning staying the same, equality of opposing forces....BALANCE...!


Pharmaceutical medicines, environment, injury, chronic ailment, relentless daily pressures and stresses and processed food all throw off the homeostasis in our bodies. CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids help the body use its own "endocannabinoids" and can supply "phytocannabinoids", plant derived cannabinoids, when endocannabinoid deficiencies exist in the body.


There are two major and well known "endocannabinoids" called Anandamide and 2 AG (short for arachidonoylglycerol) that the body naturally makes and that regulate literally every bodily process. Heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, bowel funtion, blood sugar/insulin regulation and neurotransmitter/brain funtion to just name a few. This is why cannabinoids "fix so much stuff".


H4/CBD is formulated from CBD isolate, therefore it THC-FREE. If you have drug test related concerns.....YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PRODUCT...ENJOY.



  • MICROGROWN FARM handmade
  • Flavored With Cannabis Derived and/or Natural Botanically Derived Terpenes
  • Available Flavors Are Ever Changing
  • Available In 1/2 Gram Or 1 Gram Cartridges



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