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THCa GRAVEL concentrate is a MICROGROWN MARKET formulation. This type of concentrate is a made by compounding THCa Diamond Dust, THCa Diamonds, a touch of H4/CBD or C8 oil (highly refined coconut oil) and botanical or cannabis derived terpenes. Diamond Dust is unflavored 97% pure THCa crystals that has been ground fine as powdered sugar. The Diamonds are large crystal structures that has been crushed into tiny random size pieces. The term "Gravel" is used to convey the size variations of the Diamonds within the concentrate. 


Pure 97% THCa crystals sounds awesomely potent and it is, but diamonds alone are utterly tasteless and boring! This is why the added terpenes for taste and smell are vital to experience full enjoyment.


Terpenes are potent and go a long way....a little "dab" will do ya. Too much terpene content is not good either, creating a harsh taste and a 45 second hacking session. Our hand packed product, by us, will be at the correct percentage for maximum satisfaction.


A device of some sort is necessary to consume concentrates. We offer very reasonably priced devices starting at $26. The purchase of an expensive piece of glass or big e-rig is nice BUT totally unnecessary. We do however offer different device options for the novice to the connoisseur.


Available in 1 and 1/2 gram child resistent glass jars.



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