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What a great way to get a tasty, high dose of the very effective combination of CBD and CBG !! When CBD & CBG are combined they produce effects greater than the sum of the two cannabinoids.  As part of our growing line of "DYNAMIC DUO" products, we formulated this Belgium, dark chocolate bar with the "Entourage Effect" in mind. The "Entourage Effect" is the theory, (very strong theory, but still a theory at this point) that the more plan constituents a formulator can get into a product the more effective the product is.  Just as whole grain breads are better for us than stripped white bread, combined, full-spectrum cannabis oils are more effective for us as well.


Full-spectrum means that the oil we use is mostly (high 80%)  CBD or CBG , but small amounts of the minor cannabinoids remain like Delta 9 THC, CBDV, CBC,CBN,CBDa, CBGa and others. NOTE: Full-spectrum oils have trace amount of DELTA 9 THC, meaning full-spectrum products could have a effect on passing at work drug tests. If thats the case, a broad-spectrum (THC-FREE) product would be an alternative.


It's the synergy, the working together, the cooperation of all these cannabinoids that produces the best effect for us humans. Makes total common sense, clinically proven or not.


  • MICROGROWN MADE-Dynamic Duo Line 
  • High Dose Bar  500mg of CBD/CBG at 1:1 ratio plus minors. 50mg per piece.
  • Premium, Belgian Dark Chocolate. (NOT cheap, poor quality chocolate)
  • 56% Cocoa
  • Full-Spectrum


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