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These 13 High CBD Pre-Rolls are filled with Microgrown Farm grown High CBD flower. Microgrown Farm has been licensed to grow high CBD flower since 2019 right in Thornbury Twp., Delaware County, Pa.  We ONLY use our pesticide-free, non-GMO flower to fill our pre-rolls whether CBD or Delta 8.


Our CBD hemp farm uses sun, rain & 100% natural nutrients in an outdoor grow,  rich with high-microbial, living soil...that's it... God does the rest.


Caterpillars are a problem for hemp farmers during the flowering stage of the plants life cycle in the early fall. We use a natural bacteria that disturbs the digestive system of the caterpillar causing starvation.  This is the only thing we spray on the plants ever!


Packaged in a child resistent gold pill jar.


  • Microgrown Farm made
  • 100% CBD FLOWER -  NO sugar leaves, NO stems, (Of Course) NO seeds
  • 13 Pre-Rolls



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