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These gummies are unique and hard to find in this formula. They are special in that they contain CBN-O versus CBN. CBN-O is CBN acetate.....CBN acetate is notablely stronger than standard CBN.


CBN or cannabinol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. It is a natural, degradative cannabinoid...meaning as the psychoactive Delta 9 molecule, found in cannabis ages and degradates due to light, temperature fluctuations, etc., the once psychoactive Delta 9 molecule naturally converts to CBN. Now the old Delta 9 molecule is now sedating not psychoactive.


These BRAIN FREEZE ULTRA gummies are serious sleep help. They are stronger than our BRAIN FREEZE CLASSIC gummies for two reasons.....

CBN-O and Delta 9. 


Our CLASSIC gummies contain CBN (cannabinol) which is sedating and DELTA 8 THC which is moderately psychoactive.


For those looking for greater potency our BRAIN FREEZE ULTRA gummies contain CBN-O (CBN acetate) which is notably stronger than CBN. The ULTRAs also contain DELTA 9 THC which is stronger than DELTA 8. DELTA 9 THC is the psychoactive molecule in marijuana. When these two molecules are mixed they are a powerhouse for sleep deprived sufferers....1+1=3 !!


Any edible, especially gummies, should be held and dissolved in the mouth rather than chewed and swallowed. The active ingredients will enter the blood stream quickly and more completely through the mucosa inside the mouth. If a gummy is chewed and swallowed the liver draws away some of the actives, lowering potency. Time of onset is increased as well.


Flavor and smell are both delicious...the flavor is Cherry/Berry ....which is more berry than cherry. There is no odd taste or after taste.



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