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This is a premium THCa concentrate "badder" . This extremely flavorful concentrate is extracted from the freshly harvested cannabis plant. The plants are harvested and frozen within hours at -80 degree celsius which locks in the terpene content. The terpenes bear the smell and the taste that we love so much and are trying to preserve, not only for smell and taste, but they are thought to be theraputic. It is these terpenes coupled with the full-spectrum of cannabis cannabinoids that makes up the much tauted theory called the "Entourage Effect". This freezing process locks in the terpenes and locks out moisture which is detrimental to the extraction process. Sub 0 degree celsius Co2 is then used as a solvent to extract the thca and the terpenes. The result is super potent, super tasty concentrate dabs.


This extraction is chock full of flavor and extremely potent. Having the look, texture and consistency of sugary white vanilla frosting, this semi thick concentrate is easy to manipulate with a dab tool. 


Flavor, taste and potency......the triple crown of cannabis.


Available in 1 gram and 1/2 gram child resistent glass containers.


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