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This is a MICROGROWN FARM produced product. This bedding is 100% triple shredded hemp stalks from our farms previous growing season. These hemp stalks are stored in open bags in our barn, dry and out of the weather until we are ready to freshly shredd and package them.  We use zero, none, no, nada chemicals on our plants while they are growing, consequently the bedding is totally clean.


Shredded hemp stalks absorb 4x their weight and 2 x as much moisture as pine shavings. Hemp offers a natural odor control component. Intended for small caged animals i.e. hamsters, snakes, gerbils, box turtle, etc. as well as farm animals.


When used with chickens I've read that as a mat of hemp stalks needs changing, farmers can simply add a fresh layer of hemp bedding. The first layer of hemp bedding and the chicken droppings promote benefical microbes that help to control pathegens and stifle disease.  When that first layer is NOT removed the microbial population breaks down feces and consumes harmful bacteria while leaving good bacteria behind as a by product. These microbes also help prevent lice and mites from infesting your chickens.


  • Microgrown Farm made
  • 3 Pound Bag
  • Very Absorbent , 2x that of wood shavings
  • 100% clean and natural



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