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A Unique, Boutique Cannabinoid Store

809 Bethel Ave
Upper Chichester, PA 19014

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Microgrown Market is a cannabinoid store located in Upper Chichester Pennsylvania, serving Delaware County and the surrounding area. Microgrown Market is wholly owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Matt and Debbie Pruette. Matt and Debbie were married in 1988 and now retired from their careers of the last 40 years. They were in search of a more rewarding, less stressful second career...

With the historic passing of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp production for the first time since 1937, Matt began to delve deeply into the world of cannabinoids and hemp growing. Microgrown Farm, LLC received a PA state license to grow hemp in the spring of 2019. We grew a few unique varieties of high CBD hemp strains on our "micro" farm for 3 years. This hands on growing experience gave us insight and understanding about cannabis that is rarely, if every, seen in a retail dispensary.

Debbie and I have studied hard and became educated about the exciting, newly emerging, and ever changing field of phytocannabinoids. We are always educating  ourselves about the latest cannabinoids and cannabinoid research. We can sort through the myths and misinformation about cannabis, hemp and marijuana and answer your questions definitively and clearly. We can guide you to the proper cannabinoid or combination of cannabinoids for your specific ailment and explain what you can realistically expect from that treatment. We will guide you through questions like dosing, frequency and time of day. 

Quality, transparent products with solid education and support  is what you can expect and what you actually get at Microgrown Market. Come in and see for yourself. You will leave with a quality product, confident about what it is and how to use it.

Microgrown Market’s slogan is “IT’S KNOWN WITH MICROGROWN”. This is not just a slogan but a promise… a promise that what they say is in their product is actually in the product, at the percentage the label states. We know this for sure because we make many of our products ourselves. Products we don’t make ourselves are well vetted. Quality can be assumed and proved. 


Microgrown Market has a ”no questions asked” return policy. You will never be grilled or hassled about a return or an issue you may have with anything we sell.


At MGM we, Matt and Debbie seek to honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by actually living out the tenants set forth in His Word, the Bible. It is a high bar, we fail often, (Matt more than Debbie, wink), but we seek to reach it each day as to bring glory to Him. Our goal is that customers become benefactors of our mission and our products.

Our Farm

Our Farm


Hi, I'm Matt, the founder, owner and operator of MICROGROWN MARKET along with my wife Debbie. Thanks for stopping by the store.

In 2018 lawmakers in Washington passed the 2018 Farm Bill making hemp cultivation legal in the U.S. for the first time since the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.  By 2012 cannabis laws were being relaxed in a few states and awareness of the plant and its benefits was starting to swell. Cannabidiol or CBD began to emerge as well, potentially influencing lawmakers attitudes towards cannabis. 

In the wake of all the CBD excitement and with a strong interest in the plant, Microgrown Farm secured a Pa hemp growers permit in 2019. This was the first year they were available. We grew a beautiful crop that year, 2020 and 2021....but so did a lot of other growers causing a glut in an infantile industry. Motivated by love for and belief in the plant, Debbie and I stayed with the industry. We constantly educate ourselves about cannabinoids and their effects on the body. Since we constantly stay educated and up-to-date, we are now well-qualified to steer our customers to the most effective cannabis based product in our cannabinoid arsenal.

We are heavily restricted from making any medicinal claims concerning the cannabis plant whatsoever, however You Tube is a veritable treasure trove of information concerning the plant. Search your ailment and cannabis or marijuana and you're sure to get information. There are real, unbiased people sharing their specific experience about what cannabis and it's cannabinoids has done for it positive or negative. Search the cannabinoid you are questioning be it CBD, THCa, CBG, etc. 

We maintain a small library of articles and resources as well. 


Microgrown Market

Monday - Friday

10:30 AM - 7:00 PM


11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


CLOSED (The Lord's Day)

Contact US!

(610) 405-8138 (call or text)


About Microgrown Market

The store or the “Market” as it’s called is a clean, crisp inviting environment. With a “cabin in the woods” vibe, the store is set up so folks can see and handle the products up close. You will not find rows of locked glass cases that obscure the products and send a “hands off, don’t touch that” message to the customer. 


We do business differently than any dispensary or CBD store on the planet. We are the "anti-dispensary".  


At Microgrown Market we never load a customer down with a large volume of product, especially when trying a product for the first time. We offer small, less costly sizes of many products like tinctures, topicals and edibles. This is evidence that a customers needs are more of a priority than profit.


Another hallmark of Microgrown Market is offering new products. The world of cannabinoids changes constantly with new discoveries and product offerings. We are laser focused on finding or developing new and unique products for our customers. Examples of this include the Baked Blend vape tank featuring THCp, is a cutting-edge blend of the latest cannabinoids, a giant Delta 9 Oreo cookie, Microgrown made Peanut Butter Cups, our popular Dawgwalker and Micro Dawgwalker pre-rolls to our vape cartridge line containing real cannabis-derived terpenes.

We have drinks galore...seltzers, shooters, Strawberry Cocktails and D9 freezer pops.

HOWEVER, its our THCa whole flower and specifically our truly exotic "PRIVATE RESERVE" line that sets us apart from anybody we've seen. This includes (especially) medical dispensaries. We DO NOT GROW our THCa flower. To get the truly unique strains, with the sick looking bud structure and the killer colors and the knockout smells you must be a full time grower. All the exotic THCa flower on the market is grown 100% indoors with every growing parameter controlled and maximized. From humidity and temperate to the correct nutrients at the right time to proper air movement to  proper lighting in both the vegetative and flowering cycles to vapor density pressure.... every nuance of growing cannabis is controlled. As if that's not enough a grower must have the right genetics, meaning the right strains that produce killer bud. You can't just find a seed in your bag and grow great cannabis from it. Furthermore, each strain manifests its own "personality"..... does it produce better bud with cooler temperatures or certain light schemes. Does a certain strain need more phosphorus in the flowering cycle? What's the ideal time to harvest for potency and aroma? A great grower learns these nuances over time. 

With all that about growing in mind, we have focused our efforts on sourcing. With a vast network of sources behind us, MICROGROWN MARKET offers the best, truly exotic THCa flower in DELCO and some of the best in the nation. Our "PRIVATE RESERVE" line explodes with color, smell, taste and of course ...potency!  Our THCa flower is very popular, it never lingers on the shelf, therefore it's always fresh...any flower we consider to old goes on sale.

Not every cannabis consumer is a cannabis connoisseur. Some folks just want good flower at a good price. For those people we offer our "STRAIN OF THE MONTH"... each month we offer an

indoor strain at greenhouse prices and then discount it another 15%. Pandemic, Purple Funk and Quarantine Kush were previous Strains Of The Month. We offer good 1 gram THCa flower bags as low as $6.50 a gram while still maintaining good quality. 

Other Microgrown Market products like tinctures, topicals, chocolates and vaporizer cartridges are formulated, produced and packaged by us at the "farm" in Delaware County, Pa. We source raw cannabinoids from vetted cGMP extraction labs. Our flavors are organic or from natural sources. Microgrown Market does not make every product we sell but we make many of them which will be noted in the product descriptions. 


All Microgrown Market products must meet or exceed our (Matt and Debbie’s) high personal standard of quality before it ever goes into the Market. If we wouldn't use it we wouldn't offer it.

Our Store

our store

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